From Italy to India: Annachiara Sarto Flies to Pune (the Oxford of the East) to Present CRO Cyber Rights Organization and Forge a Partnership With One of India’s Most Prestigious Universities – EuropaWire

CRO Cyber Rights Organization looks to India and India looks to CRO. Thus was born a solid partnership between the University of Pune and Cyber Rights Organization, the organization founded by Master Minds Andrea Baggio and Juan Ricardo Palacio, and led by Director Annachiara Sarto and Researcher Silvia Semenzin. “It is the best university in the Indian country,” says Annachiara Sarto after the workshop held at the university and after the signing of the partnership, “India is a state strongly affected by the Cybercrime phenomenon and at the same time strongly evolving. The partnership created with Cyber Rights Organization serves precisely to create a strong link between our activities as an international organization and the cultural institutions that train and prepare the citizens and leaders of tomorrow”.

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