Cyber Rights Organization is a foundation dedicated to identify online threats to protect your digital future

We Help the Security Of Your Digital Datas

We are a foundation with a dedicated team of experts committed to identifying, analyzing and scanning networks around the world helping you defend against ransomware attacks.


We Constantly monitor and identify emerging ransomware threats using advanced technologies.


We assist victims in understanding how their data was encrypted and locked by ransomware


We analyze ransomware attacks to understand their behavior and develop effective countermeasures.


We raise awareness and provide education on ransomware prevention and cybersecurity best practices.

We can assist and help you in detecting and analyzing all types of online threats

Ransomware Analysis

With Our Analysis we scrutinize the encryption's anatomy and understand its unique footprint. We have a forensic approach that ensures we know your adversary inside out.

Cutting-edge Tools

We deploy cutting-edge identifying tools and our expertise know-how to understand the threats. Our goal is to show you the best and secure way to regain access and control of your data.

Right path

After identification we will focus on what matters most: your data.
Thanks to our latest generation algorithms we will direct you in the right direction for recovering your data

24/7 Treat Surveillance

We stand by our expertise and state-of-the-art service, ensuring all online threats are monitored and identified. We Can help you immediately, don't panic and free contact us 24/7 worldwide

Contact Cyber Rights Organization to know in real time all the online threats

Don't panic and contact us for help

Dealing with a ransomware attack can be intimidating, but you don't have to face it alone: ​​Cyber ​​Rights Organization is here to help you understand the threats and find peace of mind.​

What you're receiving:

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