Our mission is to provide every human being with their fundamental rights by eliminating every online threat which may deprive an individual from a safe and secure use of the Web.


We envision a world in which every individual is allowed to surf the Internet having their human and civil rights ensured and preserved.

Protecting Your Data, Securing Your Future

We are a foundation dedicated to identifying, analyzing, and scanning online networks worldwide for ransomware attacks

Our Ethics

CRO makes an ethical use of technology, providing safety and privacy in the use of personal data. At the same time, we strive for a world in which the algorithmic infrastructures that run institutional, commercial and social technology, will acquire major transparency and accountability to be checked by citizens.


Our daily activities are grounded on certified transparency and verified accountability following a modus operandi based on check and balances.


We are a team of result-oriented international professionals who possess the know-how to deal with online threats, abuses and crimes.


We are guided by the passion we put into our activities. The gut feeling necessity to find the root causes of the online threats we encounter really accumunate us.

Team Work

The gut feeling necessity to find the root causes of the online threats we encounter brings us together.Together we stand against online threats, abuses and crimes.

Our Commitment

CRO embraces the Sustainable Development Goals entailed in the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations.
In fact, we are determined to ensure that all human beings are able to enjoy their rights and that economic, social and technological progress occurs in harmony with nature.
In our day to day activities we aim to foster peaceful, just and inclusive societies which should be free from fear and online violence.

Our actions reflect what the 2030 Agenda reminds us of, “there can be no sustainable development without peace and no peace without sustainable development”.


Olga Ruiz Pilato

Olga Ruiz

Legal Assistant

Ashny Young


Legal Assistant

Ana Gheorghita


Legal Assistant

CRO is made up of a group of legal experts specializing in international law, criminal law, human rights, humanitarian law and cybercrime.
Legal activities include numerous multidisciplinary skills such as: penetration test, digital forensics, big data, web analyst, web geolocation.

Advisory Board

Nadia Rusinova


Head of Child Rights

Larry Cameron


Head of Cyber Security


Head of Advisory Commitee

Ferri Laura


Head of


Head of Sustainability

Andrea G.

Head of Digital Rights


Internet is well defined as the ‘network of networks’. We believe in the power of networking and collaborating to raise awareness, act, monitor and report online abuses, threats and crimes which represent a threat for humanity.

As entailed in the 2030 Agenda of the UN, we believe in the strength of connections to mobilize the means required to implement our goals through a Global Partnership, based on a spirit of crime prevention and strengthened global solidarity, focused in particular on the needs of the most vulnerable with the participation of institutions, NGOs, and experts.

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Andrea Baggio


Andrea Baggio is the Head of one of the most well-known companies in terms of online reputation management. Strengthened by his abilities and innate sense of doing business, he started to work since when he was a teenager in the field of information technology and cyber security; eventually, today is the CEO Europe of Reputation UP.
He is also a philanthropist and in 2019 he officially founded Protection4Kids. After conducting ad hoc case by case analysis, he defends the right to be forgotten of users, professionals, and companies together with his qualified team of professionals located in all over the world.

Fields of experience

Right to be forgotten | Online Reputation Management | Information Technology | Cyber Security | Neuro Linguistic Programming | Neuro Marketing | Deep & Dark Web

What does CRO means to you?

“CRO represents the realization of my dream of realizing an international set up in order to prevent, fight and follow up the online threats, abuses and crimes.”

Annachiara Sarto

Founder & Executive Director

Graduated Cum Laude in ‘International and European Law’ (LLB) at The Hague University of Applied Sciences, specialized in International Criminal Law and Human Rights. She Conducted a minor in Alternative Dispute Resolution, and she holds an LLM in ‘Transnational Crimes and Justice’ at United Nations Interregional Crime Research Institute Programme joint with the University for Peace.
Since 2019, sha has been Director of Protectiok4kids Italia. Consultant within the Child Protection Team of the Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPO) of the United Nations Secretariat, New York, as “Child Protection Course Manager” to organize the CP Course to the UN Military deployed in the peacekeeping missions in September 2021.
In April 2022, she was Consultant within the same team under the UN DPO/ Secretariat and elected as Responsible of the preparation, conduct of, and follow-up validation workshop for the reviewed, updated, and optimized Specialized Training Materials on Child Protection (STM-CP) for the UN Police in Brühl, Germany.
She is Visiting Training Lecturer at the Center of Excellence for Stability Police Units in Vicenza (Italy) of the UN Standards of Conduct applicable to all UN Personnel and guiding principles that govern interaction with children. She is also Visiting Lecturer at on Cyber Rights and Sustainability at the Dr. D. Y. Patil B-School of India.

Fields of experience

Gender Based Violence | Child Protection| Child Pornography | Peacekeeping | International Criminal Law | Human Rights | SDGs | Cyber Rights | Human Trafficking | Refugee Law | Transnational Crimes | Justice

What does CRO means to you?

“CRO is the tangible human force of international qualified professionals united by the same goals, ambitions and ethics on the preservation of cyber rights.”

Juan Ricardo Palacio


Specialist in cybersecurity, computer forensics, expert in internet reputation and investigation of hidden assets and assets, network administrator, advanced recovery of digital information, certified computer expert and consultant in industrial and corporate security based on information technology.
He is also a philanthropist and in 2019 he officially founded Protection4Kids. After conducting ad hoc case by case analysis, he is an expert of the above-mentioned fields, with his qualified team of professionals located in all over the world.

Fields of experience

Cyber Security | Computer Forensics | Online reputation | Investigation of Hidden Assets || Advanced recovery of Digital Information

What does CRO means to you?

“Together we stand against online threats, abuses and crimes.”

Francesca Gollin

Chief Legal Officer

Francesca received her Master’s degree in Law from the University of Padua in 2011, after completing her thesis titled “The Non-Executive Directors in English Publicly-Traded Companies” at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies in London. She has gained her professional expertise in law firms of the magic circle, both in Milan and London, achieving competence in corporate law and financial markets law, before specializing in the evolving field of cyber and privacy law.
Her main area of expertise is media law, including defamation, confidence, cyber-extortion, harassment, data protection and intellectual property rights. Francesca is highly regarded within her field, having a proven record in dealing effectively with data protection requests, including the implementation of the Right to be forgotten regime.
Francesca has relevant experience in issues concerning digital technologies and online harms, with particular emphasis on EU law and human rights issues, whether client’s personal data have been infringed or they have been the victim of cyber extortion, harassment or defamatory campaigns online.
Francesca helps individual and companies to manage a range of private and commercial affairs and dealing with situations where their good reputation or brand is at stake, such as cyber-attacks and social media misuse. Francesca also acts for her clients in more general litigation and has been involved in a number of high-profile IT and commercial disputes, including breach of contract, judicial review, breach of trust, professional negligence, breach of warranty, representing clients both in court and alternative dispute resolution settlements. Francesca is a contributing author of the law journal cyberlaws.it.

Fields of experience

Privacy and Digital Right | Right to be forgotten, Defamation and Harassment | Fundamental Rights and Freedom | Media and Information | Reputation, Cybersecurity and  Crisis Management

What does CRO means to you?

“CRO is founded on the principle that human rights are facing new challenges in cyberspace. Individuals enjoy the same human rights online as they enjoy offline, however cyber-rights are not effectively protected and victims of cybercrimes often have limited access to legal counsel. CRO is meant to provide forward-thinking advice and strategic counseling on the most complex, cutting-edge privacy and cybersecurity matters that require an integrated approach to complying with global privacy and cybersecurity laws.”

Elia Cavarzan

Head of Communication

Elia Cavarzan is an experienced journalist and communication expert who wrote articles and investigations for the major Italian and European newspapers. He graduated in ‘History and Philosophy’ at the University of Venice, then decided to specialize in ‘European Global Studies, and Communication Policies’ at the University of Padua.
He worked in the international environment of the International Federation of Journalists in Brussels in the communication and advocacy department. Currently a journalist for Fanpage and the Italian TV channel LA7. Elia is a communication consultant; he has always worked in the world of digital activism related to press freedom.
His idea of sustainable digital journalism is encapsulated in the project “Local Impact Journalism- Be Impact” a modus operandi and a business idea that he developed with Bocconi University ICRIOS, the Politecnico of Milan and Turin, within the InnoVentureLab 2021 Program.

Fields of experience

Journalism | Communication | European Global Studies | Communication Policies| Advocacy | Press Freedom | Sustainable Digital Journalism

What does CRO means to you?

“For me, being part of CRO means continuing to fight to create a large European and global movement to protect people’s rights in online life. In this process, the world of journalism is called to be an active part to leave a fairer and more inclusive digital ecosystem for future generations.”

Olga Ruiz Pilato

Legal Assistant

Olga obtained her first Bachelor’s degree from the University of Sussex in History and Politics at the age of 21. Upon graduating in 2017, she completed a Teaching English as a Foreign Language and subsequently moved to Vietnam where she worked full-time as an English teacher and part-time as a Spanish tutor
Olga is now in her final year of International and European Law (LLB) at The Hague University of Applied Sciences, specialising in International Criminal Law, Human Rights Advocacy, and Conflict, Peace and Security.
Since January 2022, Olga has worked as a Research and Reporting Specialist for Broken Chalk, a human rights NGO that condemns worldwide human rights violations in the field of education. She has been involved with UN mechanisms, namely the UN Universal Periodic Review, whereby she participated in the Pre-sessions Panel for Ecuador to provide a statement and recommendations addressing Human Rights Violations in the field of Education in the country.
Olga has also participated in an EU Horizon Project focused on Refugee Integration in The Netherlands.
She currently works as a Research Assistant for CRO, teaches Spanish, and is conducting an Applied Research Project with Protection4Kids on human rights and humanitarian matters.”

Fields of experience

International Criminal Law | International Human Rights Law | Human Rights Advocacy | European Law | Conflict, Peace, and Security | Public International Law

Ashny Young

Legal Assistant

A determined and analytical law student with a passion for learning new things, currently pursuing a Bachelor of Law at the Hague University of Applied Sciences. Ashny completed a minor in Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence and Legal Technology, International Criminal Practice, and International Tax Banking and Regulation.
In the future she plans to obtain a master’s degree in Technology Law.

Field of Expertise

Cyber Security | Legal Technology | International Criminal Procedure

Ana Gheorghita

Legal Assistant

Hard-working and ambitious personality, Ana is a fourth-year student and a LLB candidate of International and European Law at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. During her studies, she specialized in Business Law, while developing exceptional writing and communication skills.

Field of Expertise

Diversity, Equality and Social Justice | Business Law | Employment Law | Contract Management; Procurement and Legal Ops

Nadia Rusinova

Head of Child Rights - Advisory Committee

Nadia is an expert and lecturer in children’s rights, private international law, international and European family law, international labor law, and antidiscrimination law at the Hague university, The Netherlands.
Since 2003 she is an attorney-at-law and managing partner of “Rusinova&Partners” law firm, being a specialized lawyer (Supreme court qualified) in child protection, family law, antidiscrimination law, sexual harassment, domestic violence, human rights, LGBTQI rights.
She has been involved in multiple international projects on advocacy for legislative changes and human rights education.
Nadia is an expert – international consultant for the Council of Europe in multiple projects related to combating violence against children and child protection, responsible for leading the research and drafting of multiple assessment and recommendations reports and guidelines, aimed at practitioners involved in child protection and abuse cases.
She is coordinating a team of national and international consultants in analysing the current normative framework, including existing legislation, regulations, legislative proposals and case-flow practices against the relevant standards and best practices as well as ECtHR jurisprudence. Nadia as well contributes to the Council of Europe projects with addressing cross-cultural issues related to children and drafting adapted recommendations for different stakeholders’ groups.
She is as well EU recognized judicial trainer and regular speaker on family law and child rights at EJTN, ERA and EIPA, and member of the expert group on drafting EU Regulation on Recognition Of Parenthood Between Member States, formed by the European Commission.

Field of Expertise

Child protection | Children’s rights | Online child abuse, Child sexual exploitation | Child labour | International family law | Private international law | Human rights advocacy

What does CRO means to you?

“Children are spending more time online than ever before. And they’re getting there sooner. Around the world, a child goes online for the first time every half second. CRO has the most important of missions – to make the internet a safe place for children to learn, socialize and express themselves, while addressing the risks of exposure to violence, exploitation, and abuse, as well as to privacy breaches.”

Larry Cameron

Head of Cyber Security - Advisory Committee

Larry has more than 20 years’ experience in the technology and cyber security industries. He is the Chief Information Security Officer at the Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative (ATII), Co-Founder of the Anti-Human Trafficking Cryptocurrency Consortium (ATCC), an OSINT Investigator / Lead Cryptocurrency Forensic Specialist for the National Child Protection Task Force (NCPTF) and a Senior Judge for Trace Labs Missing Persons capture the flag (CTF).
He is a certified Digital Evidence Investigator (DEI), Mobile Device Investigator (MDI), Triage Investigator (TINV), Certified Cryptocurrency Investigator (CCI), Cryptocurrency Tracing Certified Examiner (CTCE) and holds 61 Industry, IT & Security certifications.
He manages all things technology and security focused for ATII and is bridging the gap using Technology for Good to combat Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation.
He has trained thousands of unique law enforcement agencies and works with local, state, federal and international Law Enforcement, along with military organizations on Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation investigations and is the leader of the Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative Task Force which includes hundreds of volunteers and experts in their fields
He was just appointed as a Special Advisor to the United Nations, Cyber Rights Organization (CRO) and has been a trainer at Interpol for several of their global operations. He leads the ATII Task Force and is an expert in Cyber Investigations, Darkweb Intelligence, Blockchain Forensics, Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Digital Forensics.

Fields of experience

Anti-Human Trafficking |Child Protection / Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) | Cyber Security & Investigations | Blockchain Forensics | Digital Forensics | Open-Source Intelligence | Data Center & Cloud Computing

What does CRO means to you?

“Once you connect to the internet, you’re a target. Everyone from Nation State, Scammers, Groomers, Hackers or even organized crime are searching for their next victim. The internet use to be a place that you could use to explore the world and learn. Now, it is infested with criminal activity, pornography and dangers to our everyway day of life. Elderly people are targeted due to their lack of knowledge in technology and tricked out of an average 5 to 6 figures of their savings. Kids are groomed in order to get pictures and when they send them, they are victims of sextortion. People’s lives are being ruined everyday and they do not have a fighting chance. I feel it is a duty for the people that have the knowledge to combat these crimes to join together and help the vulnerable. If we all joined together collectively and worked together then we can prevent many of these crimes before they start and also easily target these crimes when they happen. Most of the time, cases do not get opened by law enforcement because there is not enough evidence. However, if victims knew how to properly collect the evidence and use technology against the malicious actor then it would be much more effective. There is a higher chance that a case can get opened and actioned. If better reporting mechanisms could be created in order to flag cases and central collection of this type of data globally then we will start making an impact. This is the reason that I would like to be part of the CRO, to join together with like-minded people that would like to see a solution instead of hearing complaints about the problem. It is my dream that everyone, young & old, can safely connect to the internet without the thread of being targeted.”

Aurelien Lorange

Director of Partenrship

Aurelien is Senior Lecturer in the International and European Law Programme of the International and EU Law Programme at The Hague University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands, Internship and Alumni Coordinator and Founder-Organizer of the Employment Network Events, one of the largest networking conference and study-job fair for law studies in Europe and The Hague Inter-University Debate Tournament, a debate competition between universities of the world hosted in The Hague, the Netherlands.
He started as a lecturer in 2010 and he teaches EU Energy Law, Internet Law, Law & Economics and as of 2021 also Animal Law. He is member of the external relations team (networking for internship possibilities, maintaining the alumni network, helping on the networking with partner and future partner universities)
Aurelien is the founder and organizer of the Employment Network Events since 2010, which is an event and a platform registered at the Transparency Register of the European Institutions since 2020 as and annual job-study Fair and conference where employers, alumni, universities and high level speakers meet with students to talk about career opportunities and propose internships. He has taught Intellectual Property Law and several Skills courses and started the assessment committee of the International and EU Law studies during the first years.
Before joining The Hague University of Applied Sciences, Aurelien worked at the European Commission (Taxation) and the European Parliament (MEP Assistant) and the IT multinational company SAS as a lobbyist. Aurelien Lorange co-created the Corax Foundation in 2021 with the organisation of two world debate competitions, in French an in English with universities participating from all continents annually. Aurelien holds three Master degrees in International Law from Stockholm University in Sweden, in EU Law from the University of Tours and in French Public Law from the University of Aix-en-Provence in France.

Fields of experience

Internet Law | Intellectual Property Law

What does CRO means to you?

“CRO is an organization who cares about the rights of everyone on internet. CRO has the mission to help individuals who can be affected negatively with the use of digital networks, data stolen, misused. Internet can create many possibilities, but it can also destroy life and everybody has the right to be protected from the misuse of internet means. CRO can also play an important role in the discussion with the authorities dealing with those difficult questions.”

Laura Ferri

Head of Youth – Advisory Committee

Laura is an ambitious, motivated LLM candidate and young professional specialized in international criminal law and procedure, international humanitarian law and international human rights law. She worked as a legal intern with the International Criminal Court, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, and Global Human rights Defence.
Currently, she is working on finishing her post-graduate degree in Forensics, Criminology, and Law. 

Field of expertise

International criminal law and procedure | comparative criminal law| international human rights| the law of armed conflicts| forensic psychopathology |  fair trial rights. 

What does CRO mean to you?

“CRO is a young, innovative, human-rights centered organization. In a 2022, we live in a world where technology is an essential part of our lives, with its advantages and its dangers. An organization like CRO, which aims to protect every person, indiscriminately, from the human rights violations in the cyber space, from the smallest to the most serious, in a well-rounded and complete modus operandi is very much needed. ”

Christine M.G. Tremblay

Head of Gender – Advisory Committee

Christine Tremblay è stata docente-ricercatrice nel programma di diritto internazionale ed europeo presso l’Università di scienze applicate dell’Aia dal 2015. È anche una dottoranda di ricerca presso l’Università di Leiden che lavora sull’impatto della borsa di studio femminista sul diritto penale internazionale. Ms Tremblay ha conseguito la laurea in giurisprudenza presso la McGill University nel 1999.
È un avvocato qualificato e membro dell’ordine degli avvocati del Quebec. Dopo aver lavorato presso il Tribunale penale internazionale per l’ex Jugoslavia, ha completato il suo LL.M. (adv.) in diritto internazionale pubblico con una specializzazione in diritto penale internazionale presso l’Università di Leiden.
Ha ricoperto la carica di Coordinatrice Generale del Grotius Center for International Legal Studies sin dalla sua fondazione nel 2003. Dal 2008 al 2011 è stata anche Managing Editor del Leiden Journal of International Law.
Le sue aree di competenza sono genere e diritto, diritto penale internazionale, diritto internazionale pubblico e teoria giuridica femminista. Dal 2019, Ms Tremblay sta anche conducendo studi e ricerche nelle seguenti tamatiche: Donne, pace e sicurezza presso il lettore (Chair) sugli studi delle Nazioni Unite su pace e giustizia presso l’Università dell’Aia.

Campo di Esperienza

Gender & Law, International Criminal Law, Public International Law, and Feminist Legal Theory

Cosa rappresenta per te CRO?

“CRO consente l’accesso a rimedi per le persone che sono vittime di minacce online che li privano di un uso sicuro di Internet. Crea anche un “think tank” che può aiutare a monitorare, ricercare e formare in quest’area in costante sviluppo del World Wide Web, che al giorno d’oggi è così radicata nella vita di ogni individuo”

DR. Mohd.O.Ahmad​

Head Of Sustainability | Advisory Commitee​

Youth advocate for climate action in India appointed by, sustainable help desk un escap (economic and social commission).certified by the prestigious oxford poverty & human development initiative (OPHI), university of oxford, and UNDP in designing a multidimensional poverty index, global young leaders hub manager and facilitator, Saint-Jean carénage, France also associated with the research events organized by Durham university, Newcastle university international research impact, Northumbria university,(thinking about our research in the shadow of covid-19) & a part of an elite panel discussion.
2021 a recipient of the prestigious global savvy fellowship and completed the course with the united nations ocha united nations office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs. Represented India at Asia pacific forum on sustainable development united nations (escap) 2019 deputy country coordinator of India for international youth development society, IYDS. Panelist in international forums/symposium for oxford university ccr said business school, iyds and unite 2030 and delegate for representing India at sunfo global representation.
2019 completed a workshop on sustainable development organised by the ministry of Sweden at united nations 2019 and also a discussant at the world ocean conference organized by un desa keeping the momentum for ocean action in 2020. In 2018 member of the scientific council at fatima al-fihri open university Estonia,2019 UN volunteer teaching in rural India online and promoting education through the organization E-vidyaloka., currently working as an assistant professor and an expert on sustainable development goals and an economist.

Fields of experience

Sustainable Development Goals | Inclusive Growth | Managerial Economics |Climate Action |Business and Economic Environment | Geopolitics and world Economic system | Poverty Indexing | Multidimensional Indexing | Research Methodology | Econometrics.

What does CRO means to you?

“ CRO gives me a medium to find out the strength of working in this Global World. It will give me a chance to work with people from varied cultures and help me to understand the issues at the Global level world which gives a more pragmatic approach to Sustainable development.”

Andrea Garcia Beltran

Head of Digital Rights

WomenInTech Excellence Finalist: Women, Digital, Security Leader & Role Model I Women Of Influence Finalist 22 I #WIIA22 Finalist Women In Insurance & Professional of the year I Senior Insurance and Cyber Risk specialist, Speaker & DI&E I Multi-Award WinnerRelevant Experience/Specialization
Andrea is an experienced technical Cyber and Financial Lines underwriter, broker and client director with an understanding of and leading teams to serve the LatAm, EMEA, UK and Intl. Wholesale market, with over 20 years’ combined experience in the Insurance industry in London, EMEA and LatAm.
Since August 1st, 2022, Andrea joined WTW as Head of FINEX LatAm responsible for leading the strategy and development of the Latin America Financial and Professional Risk practice (M&A, Cyber, D&O, Crime and E&O).
Similarly, before joining WTW, she worked at RSA Seguros for more than 4 years as Head of UK & International Cyber Underwriting, in which she not only created, developed and improved Cyber’s product and line of business, but was also acting as the external face to the media, Cybersecurity government initiatives and Cyber Underwriting Committees
She can adapt to different business, cultural environments, to contribute towards strategic conversations and discuss complex ideas and solutions, assisting large, sophisticated clients or engaging with a broad range of stakeholders or management teams. She also can work in a cohesive manner as part of a team spanning various cross-functional disciplines, managing, and influencing resources in a matrix management structure across multiple locations as part of a multinational corporation.
Andrea started university when was 14 years old, since then embraces changes, love challenges and is committed to succeed. She holds an LLB, in Law (Colombia) and two Master’s degrees in Insurance and Risk Management and Personal insurance. She also holds a Postgraduate in Spanish Law, certificates in Cybersecurity, Leadership and Management from Harvard University, is CIPP/E and has an Advanced Computer Security certificate from Stanford University.
Is speaker at global conferences and cyber-security events and contributed to Cyber Resilience articles. She is fluent in Spanish, English, intermediate in Portuguese and beginner in Italian.
She also has won several international awards due to her work in Cybersecurity at a European level; also, in themes related to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and in the English Insurance market.

What does CRO means to you?

“As a very human and passionate individual, being part of CRO means continuing to make a positive impact beyond the corporate world and onto the ever evolving digital lives of people worldwide specially of those more vulnerable; advocating for, protecting and preserving their cyber rights. I very much look forward to becoming a more valued contributor to our society through the broader lens of this phenomenal team and build a better future for next generations.”
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