Every citizen is free to surf the internet without risking being hacked by cyber criminals

CRO Cyber Rights Organization was created to stay and to mark an unprecedented watershed in the history of web-related rights and online security of citizen worldwide. Among other things, we mainly provide assistance to victims of all forms of online violence.

As Organization we mainly deal with Revenge Porn, Image-based sexual abuse, violations of GDPR, sextortion, cyberstalking, cyberbullying, child pornography, monitoring of web challenges on social, media, trafficking in human beings, identity theft, and deep web monitoring. CRO Cyber Rights Organization has managed to assemble an in-house team of highly professionalised experts to cope with all these cyber crimes that violate human dignity. The Organization is able to provide assistance to victims and eliminate all forms of online violence against people by means of legal experts specialized in international law, criminal law, human rights, humanitarian law, and cybercrime.

CRO Cyber Rights Organization can also put into action penetration testing, digital forensics investigation, big data analysis, web analyst, and web geolocalization in order to contrast any kind of Human Rights cyber violation. A large set of working tools will allow us, day after day, to provide strong answers to crimes on the web.

To this extent, Annachiara Sarto, Executive Director of CRO Cyber Rights Organization states: “During our journey, we will seek to eliminate any kind of online threats that counteract the individual freedoms and freedoms of expression of any citizen on Earth”. Andrea Baggio and Juan Ricardo Palacio, CEO of Reputationup and Founders and Master Mind of CRO Cyber Rights Organization, said: “As the UN 2030 Agenda suggests, we strongly believe in the power of connections and collaborations among those who care about defining a winning strategy against all online crimes that pose a threat to human communities. People’s real lives and digital lives are now strongly intertwined, our concrete commitment is to raise awareness of this issue and ensure that anything that endangers a person’s digital identity is deleted”.

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