CRO Cyber Rights Organization Offers Legal and Technical Help to Cyber Crime Victims: ‘We are the Youngest and Strongest Team of Experts in Europe’ – Pressat

“At its top, the youngest and most dynamic international team in Europe. The director of CRO Annachiara Sarto, 24 years old, trained in United Nations circles; and the Head of Research and Advocacy, Silvia Semenzin, 31 years old, a postdoc fellow at the Complutense University of Madrid and a digital rights activist, have already started the process of European integration of the most impressive international organization specializing in Cyber Rights – the human rights of the web.
Together with Annachiara Sarto and Silvia Semenzin, there are Reputationup‘s CEOs Andrea Baggio and Juan Ricardo Palacio: determined Master Minds of CRO Cyber Crime Organization, specializing in the technological application of artificial intelligence applied to international cyber security.”

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