Our Blog: A platform to defend the cyber rights of human beings on a daily basis 

With the CRO Blog, a useful space is born for all those – information professionals, legal experts, influencers – who want to find information, data, exclusive reports, investigations on the vast world of human rights on the web and social media.

A platform that will host important signatures: interviews, the reports that our talented communication team and advocacy department will offer to keep the guard up on CRO’s own issues and mission.

This space will be the place where the most dramatic crimes against human rights online will be voiced and investigated. We will deal with Revenge Porn, Image-based sexual abuse, violations of GDPR, sextortion, cyber stalking, cyberbullying, child pornography, monitoring of web challenges on social, media, trafficking in human beings, identity theft, deep web monitoring.

We will outline what we think will be the key aspects for achieving some important European and international goals in the field of human rights on the web. We will indicate all the possible roadmaps for a more inclusive digital internet universe, far from speculation, close to the world of digital media, protecting the rights of European citizens, against all forms of sexual, gender and social discrimination.

We will relentlessly investigate the most important challenges for our democracies in terms of the ongoing digital revolution, we will analyze trends, we will provide fresh data. We will carry out comparative investigations on how the websites we visit every day are, or are not, structured to protect and guarantee freedom to the individual who accesses them. 

We will not discount.

On this blog, in addition to publishing qualitative and quantitative research, you will read the words and reflections of our honorary panel composed of the best minds in the fields of international law, media law, and humanitarian law. With them we will try, with perseverance and dedication, to give back to you and involve you in our work, in our journey to defend cyber human rights, for a fairer, more equitable, inclusive Europe, at the service of the citizen.

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